About Driver:

Trey Atkinson

Just your average gearhead. If it has wheels or an engine I love it. I got talked into going to a Drift Indy Street League event to spectate in 2020, and have been hooked ever since. Started building miatas, and finally got my car and my self on track at Drift Indy’s opening day in 2022. I love drifting because its fun, and I have met so many amazing people through drifting. Strictly grass roots stuff, I just like to drive hard, and party harder! Shoutout to @maxdout_mafia

Age : 23

State : Ohio

Experience :2 Years

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Drift Indy

Vehicle Year : 1999

Vehicle Make : Chevrolet

Vehicle Model : Corvette

Engine Management : stock

Angle Kit : slr

Coilovers : bc racing

Wheels :SSR

Steering wheel :vertex

Preferred Tire: kenda

Tire Size: 245/40/18

My Vehicle:

The C5 is brand new to me still, before the C5 i drifted my NB Miata. Traded the NB for the C5 at the end of August in 2023 and am loving the new chassis! It has Tune, Headers, X Pipe, SLR knuckle adapters and tie rods, BC coilovers, ASM hydro, and a dewitts radiator. Super simple!

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