About Driver:

patrick ramsey

Going in 3rd year drifting, bought a wrecked car and straightened it out for a learning year. Complete car swap over the winter from the bashed fox body to my proam build foxbody. Another year of dialing in and playing with tires and hunting grip. Grass roots and drift events at evergreenspeed way. Next year hitting grass roots hard and other series at evergreen.  Working as a pipe welder trying to maintain and build my car to save money.

Age : 30

State : Washington

Experience :Drifting, Sim, fab and building

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Drift Evergreen

Vehicle Year : 1990

Vehicle Make : Ford

Vehicle Model : mustang

Engine Management : holley

Angle Kit : other

Coilovers : feal suspension

Wheels :stock

Steering wheel :momo

Preferred Tire: accelera

Tire Size: 235 45 r17

Body Kit: other

Hydro Brake: other

Seats: nrg innovations

Helmet: bell racing usa

Engine Swap: ford mod

My Vehicle:

1988 foxbody gt, fully built bottom and top end 302. Home made angle kit. Fully tube front ans rear. Lenax windows. Fuelcell. Full race car. Custom home made roll cage fd spec.

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