About Driver:

Nils Guttormsen

my name is Nils, I’m from Connecticut and I’ve been drifting for 10 years going into my 11th year in 2024. In 2022 my girlfriend (who is now my fiance) and my self probably drifted 15-20 events that season. We also met at the track she had her own car truck and trailer at the time and the rest is history. I was extremely grateful to share all of those memories with her and my friends. In 2023 we bought a house in February, got engaged in may, and have been conservative with our budget because we’re now saving for our wedding in October of 2024. For work I own a small business in ct building roll cages for drifters. I have met hundreds of incredible people who have traveled from as far as Miami Florida to have me cage their car. I do many cages for participants of lock city drift, and clubloose New Jersey. It’s very rewarding helping people who are also a part of the drifting community as my goal is to keep my prices lower than other fabricators to help other drifters who are on a budget that are also in need of proper safety equipment. I love going to events and talking with people who have had work done from me or would like to have work done from me and hearing all the great things the people have to say. The drift community is like no other and when I made the choice to open my shop 4 years ago I knew that this is what I wanted to do and I have no regrets. If I don’t get chosen to  be sponsored for an event or series in 2024 I am just as happy knowing that I was part of helping someone else get the opportunity. The biggest expense for me in drifting is undoubtedly tires. In 2022 I remember buying Kendas for $80 each (265/35/18). I bought 4 pallets in the beginning of the season with a friend and it was reasonably priced. Now that tires are nearly double the price, I am not even interested in buying them anymore. 

Age : 26

State : Connecticut

Experience :Ive been drifting for 10 years now. I’ve driven events in Florida, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Lock City Drift

Vehicle Year : 1990

Vehicle Make : Dodge

Vehicle Model : ram 50 pickup

Engine Management : haltech

Angle Kit : wisefab

Coilovers : other

Wheels :other

Steering wheel :other

Preferred Tire: accelera

Tire Size: 255/35/18

Body Kit: other

My Vehicle:

my drift truck is a 1986 dodge ram 50. It has a built 2jzgte, cd009 setup currently making around 600whp. I have 2 radiators welded together in the bed to keep it cool, I put 240sx front and rear subframes under it, wisefab up front, and built the whole truck my self 6 years ago. I have competed in klutch kickers, e town gamblers, and lock city top drift with it and it preforms extremely well. It’s similar to driving an schassis but myself and others agree it drives better due to the longer wheelbase and the 50/50 weight balance. 

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