About Driver:

Nathan Dunn

I’m probably a lot older than a majority of the people I drive with. I have a “professional” career in the automotive industry and consider myself to be reasonably responsible but nobody really cares about that lol. I only started drifting in 2018, but have been familiar with the sport since the mid 2000’s. I never had the financial means or opportunity to jump into it myself until recently. I love the sport, I’ve made some life long friends as well. The local community of drivers is very welcoming and helpful to the newer drivers. I’ve been accused of providing to much information, so if you see me at an event, come say hi.

Age : 40

State : Indiana

Experience :5 years

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Drift Indy

Vehicle Year : 2003

Vehicle Make : Infiniti

Vehicle Model : G35

Engine Management : stock

Angle Kit : gktech

Coilovers : bc racing

Wheels :kansei

Steering wheel :grip_royal

Preferred Tire: ironman

Tire Size: 245/40/R18

Body Kit: kbd body kits

My Vehicle:

My car is pretty simple and it works well.

Stock VQ, Intake Plenum spacer, Stillen cold air intake, GKTech swirl pot, Koyo radiator, G Plus oil cooler.

ISR Y pipe, Megan street exhaust.

Competition Clutch and lightweight flywheel, GKTech dual caliper handbrake kit, welded diff, Steve Maxwell rear diff brace. Factory Brembos. EBC Yellow stuff brake pads for hydro.

BCRacing BR true coilovers, GKTech Super Lock lower control arms, GKTech V2 angle kit, GKTeck rack spacers, GKTech adjustable camber arms, toe arms and eccentric lockout kit. GKTech ganadors, KBD front bumper cover.  NRG Prisma driver seat.

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