About Driver:

Matthew Robinson

It started my freshman year in high school with auto body class  I’ve always enjoyed working on and fixing up my own vehicles. Graduated UTI in ’04 and was a VW tech in Maryland for 2 years. Moved back to AZ with intensions to be a tech but no one would hire me. Got a job with a race shop doing auto body(intense motorsports)they fired my boss so i took over and got an apprentice(Joe) to help me. The company ended up going under. After multiple shops my apprentice now my best friend started a business account. Him being a single guy and I single dad of 4 with full custody of all now he has become my boss. We’ve.become one of the higher end build shops here in Phoenix. And I got tired of building cars for customers..always had an itch to build something cool but never could afford it.. I was a VW guy until I bought a 91 miata (’17) Fixed it up and got it running. Dailyed it for over a year.. met up with old friend, got a ride in his turbo Ls swapped foxbody mustang and after that it was over.. found another miata stripped it down and LS swapped it.. built it to street cruise with my buddy(mustang). Street cruised it for a year. Got on marketplace to find a new armrest. Went to pick it up and met a drfter.. he invited me to the track the week after that.. got ride along with him and was HOOKED.. spent next year slowly turning it into a drift car and now I eat,sleep and breath Drifting.. consumed my life. lol I hit every monthly local event for a year and half.. in 2023 I saved to drive the big national events(fuelfest,IFO,jimmy up..) I traveled to California twice. Did my first tandems 12/9/23 at fuelfest.. can’t wait to get back out there. IfO is coming up in March and hoping this is how it all happens.. thank you for this opportunity 

Age : 43

State : Arizona

Experience :Intermediate

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Club Loose III

Vehicle Year : 1990

Vehicle Make : Mazda

Vehicle Model : mx-5 miata

Engine Management : holley

Angle Kit : other

Coilovers : bc racing

Wheels :other

Steering wheel :other

Preferred Tire: kenda

Tire Size: 235/40-17

Body Kit: other

My Vehicle:

90 mazda miata 5.3L LS swapped. Sloppy stage 2 cam, pac 1218 springs, ls7 lifters.. mated to a nismo cdoo9(A), 3 inch aluminum drive shaft,ford 8.8 rear diff with tru-loc posi. Monster miata axles, bc racing coil overs DS series, destroy or die angle kit upper and lower control arms all around. 11 inch willwood front big brake kit and rear NB upgraded rotors. Dual rear calipers, chase bays hydro brake with full custom lines.. whole car is -3 ptfe soft brake lines. Adam LZ MPI steering wheel,holley terminator x ecu running on E85. Custom built body harness,Dual diaganal roll bar with gussets, cutom front bash bar,custom fit door bars. Avid-1 wheels wrapped in federal 595 RS-RR. but drift on kenda ka20… 370hp 330tq. I have all body panels for it. But love the open wheel, no hood streetfighter look. I get lots of crap for no front clip but it’s my style,. I’m 43 years old I’m a hot rodder, not a hot boi Lol. It is 100% garage built. I might of over built it for my first drift car but he is one hell of a reliable machine

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