About Driver:

Kevin `Courtright

First event was back in 2017 with my 4th gen camaro up in dallas. Was a crazy experience but I was focused on school so I couldn’t pursue drift as it was too expensive. Fast forward to Nov 2o22 I went to a Drift Week 6 and hopped in Ben Hobsons mustang and it changed. Had my 2003 c5 z06 and decided to dedicate all of 2023 to drifting. Minimum 1 event per month but I was hitting multiple weekends constantly. Got a lot of seat time now it’s time to focus on the real fun…. Tandems! 2024 will be a good year! I also was on the circle of drift podcast episode #60

Age : 28

State : Texas

Experience :1yr

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Lone Star Drift

Vehicle Year : 2003

Vehicle Make : Chevrolet

Vehicle Model : corvette

Engine Management : hptuners

Angle Kit : other

Coilovers : other

Wheels :stock

Steering wheel :stock

Preferred Tire: fullway

Tire Size: 265/35-18

Body Kit: other

My Vehicle:

2003 c5 z06 I bought back in 2019. Drove it around as a street car for the longest time before I decided to start drifting with it. Very basic setup. Only has Tomlin angle kit with a PBM inline hydro. Everything else is stock and in my opinion rips really well. Starting to learn how to dial suspension setups/alignment.

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