About Driver:

Justin Keith

My name is Justin Keith. I am 27 years old. I grew up around motorsports as I started riding dirt bikes when I was just 3 years old. From there my dad got me into racing. I did that for years as a little kid then stopped racing when I got a little older. I continued to ride dirt bikes just not competitive. Once I turned 16 I got into cars. My first car was a 2009 Chevy cobalt ss that had a turbo on it.  I always wanted to make cars go faster than they should. That car made me realize how much I enjoyed working on and modifying cars. I then started a job at Hamilton Chevrolet where I still work to this day as a heavy mechanic. I always loved going to GRIDLIFE events and watching as a spectator. Watching those guys drive really pushed me to get into racing cars myself. I bought an Evo 8 when I turned 18 and started modifying that to take to the track. I raced in gridlife for a couple years and always found myself watching the drift cars go around track. After blowing up my engine in my evo numerous times I decided to buy the 240sx and start drifting with some high school friends in 2022. The first year I delt with many car issues. But ended up fixing them by the end of season and getting to do a few events and instantly fell in love with it and knew this is what I am suppose to be doing in motorsports. 2023 was my first full season and I drove as much as I possibly could and gained a ton of experience. All in all I’m just a 27 year old guy that loves cars/motor sports and drifting specifically.

Age : 27

State : Michigan

Experience :1 1/2 years

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Mid-Michigan Drifting

Vehicle Year : 1993

Vehicle Make : Nissan

Vehicle Model : 240sx

Engine Management : link ecu

Angle Kit : Villans angle kit

Coilovers : Megan

Wheels :work

Steering wheel :grip_royal

Preferred Tire: kenda

Tire Size: 235/40zr17

Body Kit: kbd body kits

My Vehicle:

I have a 1993 Nissan 240sx. Bought the car with a blow up engine. I Swapped in a Sr20det that I fully built with CP pistons and Eagle rods, 1300cc ID injectors. I run a Garrett 2871r turbo at 20psi on E85 making 380whp. The car also has fully adjustable suspension from coilovers, toe arms, camber arms, and tension rods. The car is also equipped with a cage kits roll cage and only weight 2,590 LBS.

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