About Driver:

Jeremy jordan

36. Work and align my own cars. Always looking for a way to make a car better or cheaper and showing people how to do it. And the car is white already haha. Super nerd. Into flying drones, 3d printing and. Scanning and making the world carbon fiber. Getting into making flexible plastic panels for drifters

Age : 36

State : Ohio

Experience :4 years

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Drift Indy

Vehicle Year : 2008

Vehicle Make : Chevrolet

Vehicle Model : Corvette

Engine Management : aem

Angle Kit : fdf

Coilovers : apexi

Wheels :stock

Steering wheel :nrg

Preferred Tire: kenda

Tire Size: 265-245

Body Kit: duraflex

My Vehicle:

Have 2 drift ready cars 08 and 02 corvettes. Have to fix the white one but red is always ready to rock.  02 corvette has terminator x stand alone with btr stage 3 cam and 4.10 gears. Fiberglass mafia fender flares. Good is carbon fiber with a ghost purple pearl clear on top. Made my own custom headlights on the c5 that have picked up over the years. Have some cool accent features to the car. C6 ls3 stock engine. Both cars have a mega mantis and Fdf rear upper control arms with silvers coils. Swift springs because they are awesome. 20/10k spring rates. No sway front sway bars. Alignment is 1/4in toe out in front and 1/4 toe in on the rear. Aligned with my weight in it. -4.5 camber in from and zero camber in rear. Caster in front is around 8 with zero Ackerman setting. I set up both cars the same so they self steer.

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