About Driver:

Jarek Bruner

I’m 23 born and raised in Michigan. From a young age, I’ve always liked cars and even worked on cars because of my dad. He’s always liked and owned multiple Toyota vehicles. When I was looking for a new car while in high school I wanted something cool like my friend’s e46 but from Toyota, My dad suggested we look at the IS300. It was a perfect fit for what I wanted in a daily driver at the time.

After high school I joined the US Air Force and shortly after was assigned to a base in Guam. I had my car shipped there courtesy of the military, and shortly after I started visiting the local track that had drifting and drag racing(who knew such a small island would have a track). I made some friends and started modifying my car starting with wheels, tires, coilovers, and shortly after a bolt-on angle kit and rear adjustable arms. Even though my IS300 was automatic at the time, I was having fun and was even starting to get pretty good and linking an entire course.

Over the next 3 years, I wanted to drift more and more but was limited due to finances and the IS300 being my only car. I ended up driving less than a dozen events over those 3 years. This year in 2023 marked my 4th year in the military and my contract was finished, I came back home with newly learned skills, the ambition of getting a new daily driver and finally getting to drift more. I was able to save up enough to get myself an LS430 as a daily and even piece together a manual swap for the IS300 so I could properly drift it. Thanks to the help of my dad we were able to complete the CD009 swap in 3 weeks, after having to pull and reinstall the transmission 3 times.

During my 3rd event this season I made some rookie moves and ended up looping my car on a bank crashing causing the rear end of the car to receive pretty heavy damage. I was more annoyed that it happened than mad. I wasn’t going to let that stop me from driving that day or the rest of the year so I fixed what I could at the track to continue driving. A week later I ended up finding a killer deal on a running driving car someone had bought for parts. It was missing some body panels, bumpers, and lights. I ended up buying the car to slowly build up a nice new chassis that has no rust while I continue to make new friends and develop my skills in the upcoming 2024 season. Ive very excited to see where this passion for cars takes me, or what it has to offer in the future.

Age : 23

State : Michigan

Experience :1.5 Years

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Mid-Michigan Drifting

Vehicle Year : 2002

Vehicle Make : Lexus

Vehicle Model : is

Engine Management : stock

Angle Kit : other

Coilovers : bc racing

Wheels :other

Steering wheel :other

Preferred Tire: kenda

Tire Size: 235/40/r17

Body Kit: other

My Vehicle:

BC Br coils 22k Front 12k Rear With JZX100 lower mounts up front
PBM subframe bushings
PBM diff bushings
Figs Rear Mega arms
Figs toe lockout plates
S9 hub bushings
Front OEM uppers with poly
40 MM extended lowers with poly
EZknuckles caster arms
EZknuckles rack spacers gs300 outer & inners
EZknuckles V4 exterior

TRD style spoiler
TRD style neo v1 front bumper
TRD style sideskirts
pulled fenders
Aohdon ds07 wheels 18×8.5+35 15mm front spacer 25mm rear

350phi gs350 front big brake kit
PBM hydro lines and ABS delete
AutosportsEngineering CD009->is300 kit, 2003 CD001, McLeod street supreme clutch kit (763796)

Nrg bucket seat Excessive seat bracket
LZMFG steering wheel
NRG short hub
PBM Hydro handbrake
Excessive clutch petal kit


I am currently building a 2JZ-GE vvti for a new chassis I am hoping to bring out for the 2025 season. almost all long block components are acquired and will be assembled this winter.

Engine GTE rods & pistons
NPR Rings
ARP headstuds(203-4205)
ARP main studs (203-5405)
ARP rod bolts (203-6005)
King Rod bearings (CR6754XPC)
King Main bearings (MB7084XPC)
King Thrust Washer (TW284AM)
Tomei MLS Head Gasket 1.6mm
GSC 6mm Valve Stem Seals
Gates racing timing belt kit with water pump, cam seals, front main
2JZ GTE oil pump
billet tensioner
Pulsar PST3582 turbo
Deatschwerks 1000CC injectors
DODO Racing Coilpacks
DODO Racing T4 manifold
Panic wire Link g4x with custom wire harness


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