About Driver:

Gabriel Broyles

Hi, my names Gabe Broyles, I enjoy drifting in all aspects and have been trying to further my self in the drift world whether it’s in competitions or just in the community.  
I drive a 1998 BMW 328i and plan on doing engine modifications this year in order to make more power and keep up with more grassroots competitions.   

Age : 25

State : North Carolina

Experience :On and off for 5-6 years. Been driving more seriously within the past year

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : US Drift

Vehicle Year : 1998

Vehicle Make : BMW

Vehicle Model : 3 series

Engine Management : stock

Angle Kit : slr

Coilovers : other

Wheels :rays

Steering wheel :other

Preferred Tire: kenda

Tire Size: 215/45r17 , 235/40r17

Body Kit: other

My Vehicle:

98’ bmw 328i 

Silver neo max coilovers (true coils), angle kit, m50 manifold , catless , rktune

Blue with yellow chrome, pink chrome and chrome livery   


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