About Driver:

Drew Laborde

Just an average Joe who likes to build cars and drive the crap out of them. I do all of my own work on my cars when I’m not at my job as a diesel mechanic working on other cars. Grew up building classic cars with my pops and once I was on my own at 18 I started developing my own taste in cars. I’ve tried every bit of racing (autocross, drag racing, motor cross, rally, and drifting). I’ve owned way too many cars in my life so far and every one of them was far from stock. This foxbody has been one of my most serious builds. Hardly anything left on the car is stock. Once it was built and drifted, I started reaching out to potential sponsors. Currently sponsored by

Lethal performance









Vibrant Performance

I would like to continue getting my name out there and show what I’m capable of. Whether that’s what I can build or how I can drive.

Age : 28

State : Louisiana

Experience :8 years

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Midpond Drift

Vehicle Year : 1991

Vehicle Make : Ford

Vehicle Model : Mustang Cobra Gt

Engine Management : Moates Quarterhorse

Angle Kit : Full unicorn

Coilovers : bc racing

Wheels :vors

Steering wheel :Takata

Preferred Tire: falken

Tire Size: 255/45/18

Body Kit: duraflex

My Vehicle:

bought this car bone stock. Ordered basically the entire maximum motorsports suspension catalog and installed immediately.  Full unicorn angle kit came next. Then I freshened up the whole interior with new carpet, dash, corbeau forza bucket seats, NRG harness bar, Takata harnesses, Takata wheel, skotidi hydro, and some other fun bits. Then dove into the power plant. Originally came with a stock 5.0 302 engine and t5 5 speed. Yanked that out and put a 351 Windsor 5.8 and a built t5. Had the engine built for boost with a fat cam. Ordered a big single turbo kit from pony down performance and threw it all together. The car now makes about 500hp on 7 lbs of boost and ROASTS tires. 

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