About Driver:

Dominick Ross

i’m 20 years old i’ve dreamed of drifting my whole life basically i finally saved enough to buy my dream car and build my dream build i’d say i’m pretty decent but i also underestimated my self i try to be calm on the track since i do find my entire car and everything my self

Age : 20

State : Washington

Experience :4 years

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Drift Evergreen

Vehicle Year : 1993

Vehicle Make : bmw

Vehicle Model : 325

Engine Management : link ecu

Angle Kit : slr

Coilovers : max pp rods

Wheels :acr

Steering wheel :vertex

Preferred Tire: any

Tire Size: 185/65/15 or 195/65/15

Body Kit: cliq

My Vehicle:

it’s an old with a cliq tuning body kit slr angle kit makes about 450whp at the moment can go up to 680whp it’s also my daily driver most the time still have full interior heat and radio it’s also pink!

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