About Driver:


Most of my days are spent at work or church and with the mrs but my biggest hobby and vice is cars . Drifting drag racing building and breaking . I want to hit the tracks hard this upcoming year but finding 1 or more sponsors would help me take off into the season

Age : 27

State : California

Experience :Amateur Drift & Drag

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Outlaw Drift

Vehicle Year : 1994

Vehicle Make : Chevrolet

Vehicle Model : Camaro

Engine Management : stock

Angle Kit : stock

Coilovers : -1

Wheels :Stock painted

Steering wheel :nrg

Preferred Tire: federal

Tire Size: 245/50/16

Body Kit: duraflex

My Vehicle:

1994 z28 6spd on bmr springs , 3;73 gears , founders control arms , msd 2step&launch control, slightly bigger throttle body , truck flow cold air , local fabbed angle kit almost ready to throw on , car is my daily drifter&drag car. One of my dream cars . So many people hate on the Lt1s but it’s such a fun capable car

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