About Driver:

Clay Gaiser

My name is Clay and I’m a Diesel Mechanic from Miamisburg, OH. I started driving test and tunes at Kilkare in 2021 in a mostly stock NA Miata. After taking a season off because of car issues, I’m finally back out on track. I’ve had my current car for a little over a year now. Last winter was full of repairing low quality work done by previous owners and making the car safe. After all that, I finally have been able to drive my first few events. I’m looking to advance my driving as much as possible so that I can eventually compete in the Street League events at Kilkare Raceway. I have a long way to go, but plan on doing all I can to get as much seat time as possible and progress my driving.

Age : 23

State : Ohio

Experience :Roughly 1 Year

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Drift Indy

Vehicle Year : 1992

Vehicle Make : Mazda

Vehicle Model : Miata

Engine Management : hptuners

Angle Kit : Modded knuckles, tubular extended LCAs

Coilovers : tein

Wheels :Japan Racing

Steering wheel :vertex

Preferred Tire: ironman

Tire Size: 195/50R15

Body Kit: EBay

My Vehicle:

My ‘92 Miata is powered by a GM 3800 Supercharged V6 with a Camaro T5 transmission. Reinforced miata differential housing, welded factory diff with poly bushings. The car has modded factory knuckles, tubular extended LCAs, with a depowered steering rack.

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