About Driver:

Casey Davis

I was born and raised in Southern California but moved to Utah in 2022. I’ve been in the racing scene since I could ride a bike. It’s started off with racing two stroke pocket bikes for a few years when I was 7 years old and after high school I started getting involved with Desert racing with my dad. We had an Ultra 4 4500 Race Jeep for a number of years. After that I had a brief stint in 6100 Desert truck racing. In between all of that was road course events, a little bit of rally and now I’m pursuing a drifting career. Drifting has always caught my eye since the first Formual Drift event I went to back in 2015 and have always wanted to be on the other side of the fence driving instead of watching. Someday soon hopefully I’ll be able to fulfill that dream. 

Age : 26

State : Utah

Experience :2-Stroke Pocket bikes, Time Attack, Ultra 4, 6100 Desert Racing and Drift

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Salt City Drift

Vehicle Year : 2016

Vehicle Make : Scion

Vehicle Model : fr-s

Engine Management : stock

Angle Kit : gktech

Coilovers : other

Wheels :stock

Steering wheel :nrg

Preferred Tire: nitto

Tire Size: 225/45/17 and 215/45/17 currently

Body Kit: other

My Vehicle:

My FRS (Lucy) has been through many changes over the years stance I got it back in 2019. It started out as a canyon cruiser/daily and slowly started to progress into a street/stock spec time attack build. Life got busy and made some life changes and turned it into a rally build. Never got to do any autoX with it. Now it’s beginning it’s transformation into a full drift build 

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