About Driver:

Brandon Martinez

A technician turned car salesman. I made the switch understanding that this sport needs capital to maintain so that along with staying in the automotive world I decided to enter car sales. I want to be able to take drifting to another level while both sustaining my passion and icorporating it into my everyday life. Finding the balance is a challenge for everyone in the sport. I look to even the scales with putting myself out in the public view and bringing a fresh take on the sport.

Age : 31

State : New Jersey

Experience :Grassroots

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Club Loose III

Vehicle Year : 1999

Vehicle Make : BMW

Vehicle Model : 3 series

Engine Management : stock

Angle Kit : cnc71

Coilovers : other

Wheels :stock

Steering wheel :grant

Preferred Tire: gt radial

Tire Size: 225/45R75

Body Kit: other

Hydro Brake: asd motorsport

Seats: nrg innovations

Helmet: zamp

Engine Swap: none (orginal engine)

My Vehicle:

My car will be a true expression of myself. It’s a work a progress but it’s the chassis I love and I look to get it to competition spec with every chance I get.

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