About Driver:

Arthur Runov

  1. I’m a 20 year old aspiring driver. Grew up always surrounded by cars and the addiction was bound to fall my way aswell. I enjoy hitting up local tracks here in the PNW with buddies and party while putting on a show for the spectators. From a young age I found the most joy playing simulator games that revolve around drifting. Last couple years I’ve stuck with Carx and a random idea came to mind where what if I try building a car that feels as close to the sim setup I have at home. That’s where building this frs came to reality. I have a Logitech rig with an Amazon hydro style ebrake. When the car was ready to go out to its first event it happened to be raining that day and I was blown away by how similar the car felt to the sim setup at home. It was insane! Since then I haven’t changed a single thing and kept progressing the more I drove. My favorite track will be Spirit Peaks Raceway because of how much seat time you can get there. Wouldn’t consider myself a pro by any means but I aim to learn and progress after every event I drive at.

Age : 20

State : Oregon

Experience :Grassroots

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Spirit Peaks Raceway

Vehicle Year : 2015

Vehicle Make : Scion

Vehicle Model : FRS

Engine Management : Ecutek

Angle Kit : Cut knuckles + extended lower arms

Coilovers : tein

Wheels :rays

Steering wheel :dnd

Preferred Tire: Valino, Westlake, Ironman

Tire Size: 225-235/35-40 R18

Body Kit: TRD replica kit

My Vehicle:

This is my boosted Frs on a budget. I wanted to build a drift car that doesn’t break the bank and this is my recipe. Maxspeedingrods turbo, downpipe and intercooler piping was all diy, turbo header was purchased off the shelf since I wanted to run an unequal length header. Basic fueling supporting mods running FIC 660cc injectors, DW 340lph pump, universal cx racing intercooler, external wastegate so she’s a screamer. For angle it’s also a budget friendly setup being modded knuckles, and extended lower control arms + inner tie rods. Car makes a conservative 290hp, plenty for me to party. Interior I kept pretty oem+ since I daily this to school/work. Bride Strada ii with LZMFG /Yashio Factory collab harness with an Nrg harness bar. Coilovers I have a mix setup, fronts being Tein 6k and rears are Function & Form type 2 8k. Have been on this setup for over a year now and I’ve been able to drive this to school the following day after the drift event with no issues.

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