About Driver:

Aaron Clawson

I’m old. At least I feel that way when I’m surrounded by 20 year old kids at the track. It’s been a lifetime ambition of mine to drift. In fact my Xbox gamertag has been drifterdaddy85 for as long as I can remember but yet I never actually drifted a car on track until this year. I’ve wanted to drift now for about 15 years and just always came up with excuses. Either I had kids or my wife would get mad, or whatever the situation was. I finally said to hell with it and pursued my dream to actually start drifting. I’m absolutely in love with the sport and the entire community has been so amazing.  After being a car guy since 2001 I really feel like I found the right community for me.  It’s been a struggle so far with having kids a job in a mortgage but I can’t see myself doing anything else!   Give me a follow on Instagram…boomer_drifts

Age : 37

State : Indiana

Experience :1 year

Car Details:

Home Drift Organization : Drift Indy

Vehicle Year : 2005

Vehicle Make : Chevrolet

Vehicle Model : Corvette

Engine Management : hptuners

Angle Kit : fdf

Coilovers : Silvers

Wheels :cosmis

Steering wheel :MPI/Cleetus Mcfarlane

Preferred Tire: kenda

Tire Size: 245/40/18

Body Kit: Unbranded

My Vehicle:

Car is a 2005 corvette. It was the cheapest C6 I could possibly find in the country. Just the kind that somebody would buy to slide around the track.  Even with 170,000 miles thing has been perfect so far.  Perfectly reliable and no breakdowns or anything for the entire 2023 season. Car has FDF mini mantis angle, silver’s coilovers, drift HQ dual calipers, improved racing oil cooler with fans, and a mishimoto radiator.  Long tube headers and a protune on HPTuners. The only thing else you need to drift this car is a pair of New balances and some sweet khaki shorts!

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